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Hologram Tape(hologram seal) sample pictures.

security transparent holographic ID card samples 2

Hologram Tape(hologram seal), 2D/3D Hologram Technology Master, general design 'GENUINE'. There's word 'GENUINE' on the tape. It's 2D design with 'GENUINE', has one layer hologram image which is on surface. When hologram tape removed, it leaves word 'VOID' on paper.



Type of Master Origination of Hologram Tape and Hologram Seal


2D/3D Hologram

Flip-Flop Hologram and Kinetic movement in hologram

hidden text and micron text in hologram

Standard and custom pouches are offered with the following features:

1. Material type: PET metallized film, silver, golden, tamper evident, pattern released tamper evident. Pattern released word can be 'VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED'. It also can be in other customized design.

2. Material thickness: 25micron, 36 micron, 50 micron.

3. Sizes: 5cm*50meter, 4cm*50meter,3cm*50meter, 2cm*50meter,3cm*20meter, 2cm*20meter, etc.


Hologram stickers made in China. Chinese Secure Hologram sticker

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